A Letter from the Maverick Team

Hello friends,

With a heavy heart I am writing this letter to let you know that Maverick will be shutting it’s doors effective immediately due to the COVID-19 state of emergency. This was a choice made by the management team due to the of the federal and state recommendations as well as the lack of business due to the social distancing advisory. We feel it is the responsible thing to do given the circumstances.

The most difficult piece for us in this situation is our team. The folks that serve your tables, pour your wines and prepare your food. We have no choice but to put our entire team on furlough until this thing blows over. We hope that our actions in closing will help the efforts to contain the virus so that their return to work will be swift and they do not fall into hardships. I am hoping our government will step in and help in these turbulent times but at this point we feel that for longevity of Maverick and our staff long term positions, this was the best call. I have encouraged my team to file for un-employment and asked them to try to stay positive.

We hope that this chapter will pass swiftly and we will be back open to serve you as soon as possible. We will be offering a take-out program to keep you nourished in these turbulent times. You can see our offerings below. If this is supported and successful I am hoping we will be able to bring back some of our team members to help us execute this.

In the mean time we have started a Go-Fund Me to raise money for our staff members that have been laid off. Many of them do not have back-up plans and do not know what they are going to do in the weeks to come. My thoughts on this are simple. Our pay-roll at Maverick with gratuities included averages 45k a two week period. If we reach our goal we will divide this evenly between the entire team based on average hours worked as a cushion in these turbulent times. Perhaps in two weeks our government will step in and/or we will have more answers on the uncertain future.  IF you would like to donate to this please Click Here.  100% of this money donated will go to our team members that are out of work and no longer receiving income.

Go Fund Me: Maverick Staff Assistance Fund

I hope we will see you all soon at a table in the Tavern or on Le Palm and we can chat about a dish the kitchen team came up with or a cool wine producer we just got in. Hopefully we will laugh about this crazy chapter of our life that we all experienced and the uncertainty we all felt. How toilet paper was not available at any of the HEBs (but Home Depot had an amazing display of the stuff just because no one thought to look there). I wish you all good health and prosperity. We will all make it to the other side of this but we will miss you all in the meantime.

Over and out for now,
Maverick  Team