A Letter from the Maverick Team

Hello All,

We have given Curbside Pick-up a try but due to lack of business we have made the decision to shutter Maverick for the time being. I am unsure what we could have done differently to make it work. However the deal is this… Maverick is a full service restaurant. We take pride in what we do, our hospitality, food, and of course, our service. I don’t feel that you get the full Maverick Experience Curbside.

It’s interesting to think of a full-service restaurant as a “non-essential” business. We are where you go when you need to be taken care of, when your belly and soul need to be nourished. We take care of you obviously by peddling libations and food but on another level we try to do more than that by comforting, soothing and creating experiences by bringing people together. I understand that we must close for the health of our team and guests. However in times like this we are the very essential business that people need and it is sad that we cannot be there for all of you.

I know everyone has a lot of time on their hands so I hope you are watching and listening to what is happening in the world with our economy as well as unemployment rates. Maverick and all independent restaurants across our nation are going to face hardships, many will not open back up without help. This being said, when we do get to the other side, please remember to support your local businesses. All of us will very much need it.

I plan to continue putting wine offerings together for the people that are interested. I personally despise when companies barrage my inbox with multiple e-mails. This is the last thing we want to do but we have needed to convey information to you during this crazy time. If you would like to continue to receive wine e-mails please shoot me a quick e-mail to [email protected] and I will add you to the Corona Wine Club, I will no longer be sending the wine e-mails to the general Maverick Mailing list.

We will keep everyone in the loop on the “happenings” at Maverick as well as let you all know when our Grand Re-Opening will be!

In Closing, every evening, before service, we have a staff line up with all of our team members, on occasion we will speak on a quote that pertains to hospitality…

The following is one of my favorites and it is what we try to instill in folks at Maverick on how to take care of you on a nightly basis. I thought that in these uncertain times some of you might appreciate it.

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

Over and Out –
The Maverick Team

P.S. We have started a Go-Fund Me to raise money for our staff members that have been laid off. Many of them do not have back-up plans and do not know what they are going to do in the weeks to come. My thoughts on this are simple. Our pay-roll at Maverick with gratuities included averages 45k a two week period. If we reach our goal we will divide this evenly between the entire team based on average hours worked as a cushion in these turbulent times. IF you would like to donate to this please Click Here. 100% of this money donated will go to our team members that are out of work and no longer receiving income.

Go Fund Me: Maverick Staff Assistance Fund