Maverick’s Voodoo Nights Cocktail

With Halloween around the corner, our bartenders at Maverick Texas Brasserie knew they had to go on the search for a uniquely chilling combination of spirits for the perfectly balanced Halloween cocktail.

So, our bartenders left San Antonio and embarked on a spooky journey through the New Orleans bayous in search of ancient Creole shrub, strong spirits, and mystical voodoo powers.⁠ They returned with the recipe for Voodoo Nights – the newest Maverick cocktail concoction crafted for a frightfully delightful Halloween. ⁠

Voodoo Nights is a unique take on a Dark and Stormy which has to be tasted to be understood. Fresh ginger pairs with powerful spice for a refreshingly unique cocktail that could only be inspired by the mystic draw of New Orleans nights. While the Dark and Stormy was our inspiration, we took a few turns through the night.

A Traditional Dark and Stormy Includes:

  • 2 Parts Rum
  • 3 Parts Gingerbeer
  • ½ Parts Lime

Maverick’s Voodoo Nights Features:

The sweet vanilla notes of the dark rum are cut with the bitterness of the Fernet and the spice of the homemade Creole-inspired shrub. (Learn more about how we formulate our housemade shrubs – unique concoctions of fruit, vinegar, and spices.) The ginger beer adds the refreshing counter, as do the mint and citrus garnish.

We invite you to sip this cocktail at our bar or patio and become transported to the historic streets of a hot New Orleans night, where adventure and voodoo await around every corner.

This cocktail is available now for a limited time. ⁠Make a reservation and experience it for yourself.

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