Maverick Feature: Swine House

Here at Maverick, our team values quality, individuality, and a dash of the unexpected. That’s why we curate our menu to feature local ingredients and showcase the excellent products of passionate people in our local San Antonio food scene. Today, we are highlighting a maverick who is redefining what it means to be a butcher. Joe Saenz, the founder of Swine House, is sourcing pasture-raised animals and curing flavorful meats, unlike anything you’ve tried before. In this feature, we share a little background on how Swine House is shaking up the industry and why their smoked ham is the secret ingredient for our most famous brunch dishes.

About Swine House

Swine House is not your typical butcher shop. This team of craft butchers is looking to reframe the way we think about and source our meats, connecting back to the land, the farm, and the people who raise these animals on which we depend. Swine House doesn’t contribute to the commodity meat industry but instead focuses on sourcing whole, pasture-raised animals from local farms. These animals thrive on a foraged diet and have space to roam, creating a better quality cut and a more flavorful piece of meat. Swine House not only specializes in premium cuts but also makes its own roasted meats, sausages, and charcuterie.

Swine House Founder Joe Saenz

The mastermind behind Swine House is Joe Saenz. Joe is a native of San Antonio and a graduate of both the San Antonio and Hyde Park Culinary Institute of America campuses. After working in New York City’s premier culinary scene for almost a decade, he decided to move back to his hometown. Now, he is sharing his passion for ethical farming and craft butchery, and he is shaking things up in the San Antonio food world.

Farm-to-table Meats

Farm-to-table meats are a more responsible and flavorful way to enjoy your favorite cuts. Pasture-raised animals are happier and healthier, and local farms can ensure freshness that industrial farms cannot match. Experience the difference for yourself! The Swine House Butcher Series offers a chance to take home the finest chops, roasts, steaks, sausages, and smoked meats available. Orders are prepared for pickup on weekdays from noon until 6 PM.

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Swine House on the Maverick Brunch Menu

We’re big fans of like-minded mavericks, especially those bringing something new to our community table. That’s why we included Swine House’s excellent smoked ham in two of our signature brunch dishes. Their ham is brined for up to two weeks and hardwood smoked for an exquisite flavor. You can find Swine House ham on our Croque Madame and Eggs Benedict during our famous Sunday brunch.

Croque Madame

Swine House ham, dijon mustard, fried egg, sauce mornay, frites

Eggs Benedict

Swine House ham, poached egg, spinach, hollandaise, English muffin

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