Conversation with Bartender Jason Hines on Shrubs

When I first heard of shrubs it was new to me. The idea of fresh fruits being used with vinegar was interesting because of the process and diversity it can undergo. I Like the idea that you can manipulate the profile of a drink through smaller amounts of ingredients. A little goes a long way. When thinking of shrubs we see what fruit is available, what season are we in, what will make Maverick shrubs different but still be really good. Basically out of the norm flavor combinations that can still be enjoyable. Also the idea of a shrub is retro so the flavor combinations will also be retro with maybe a new take. The first shrub made at the Maverick was the grapefruit and tarragon. The idea that we could make a Paloma, which can be very basic but delicious, and intensify the grapefruit and elevate the complexity with the addition of the tarragon. Super cool. Old New is the motto when we make shrubs behind the bar. One new shrub in concept right now is the Pear, Cinnamon, ginger that will be made for the new season. The sweetness from the pear should complement the spices coming from the ginger and cinnamon. Also the ginger should give the shrub a nice nose which will stand up to multiple spirits behind the bar or be pleasant all on its own with soda. And together really still represent the season in a way that will be memorable and familiar.

Bartender Jason Hines

History on Shrubs

Essentially this was a way to preserve fruits that are in season for the months that they do not grow before refrigeration. Like many things that were invented out of necessity they are coming back into popularity because they add layers of flavor that would not exist if we did not make them. Other items on our menus from the kitchen are a little more mainstream but also were made out of necessity thinks like Paté, Duck Confit, and Cheese. Maverick’s use of shrubs in cocktails and out not-alcoholic sodas is a way for us to use fresh products where we can and avoid the use of GMO Corn Syrups and other preservatives that exist in the world of Sodas and artificial syrups. This is in our opinion one of the reasons for the rise of obesity and diabetes that is so prevalent in this day in age. So try something new! Pass on a Sprite and try a HoneyDew Mint Soda tonight at Maverick. Joshua Thomas Director of Beverage and Hospitality